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We promote Montessorian World Education & Fellowship. Montessorian World creates the difference by advancing the relevance of Montessori Teaching Method for children education and beyond unto the significance of total development of a person.

International Montessorian Certification
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Becoming Montessorian is an authorised Education & Membership program
of Montessorian World International.

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Becoming Montessorian is a 5 - stage Competency based development program . Uniquely structured for Montessorian and Professional Development with directed pathway and self help opportunities

CMP Certified Montessorian Professional and CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator ™ are Montesorian Credential Award from Montessorian World International.

Montessorian World Education and Fellowship : The Policy Statement

" Montessorian World is for all Montessorians and friends. We welcome your participation in this unification platform for the betterment of education and fellowship worldwide. " Becoming Montessorian : Mind of a Scientist : Love of a Saint : Heart of a Servant " is a wholistic Model for Montessorian and Professional Development. The development process enshrines our conceptualised "Totality in Learning" paradigm and is a purpose-driven added extension to the traditional Montessori Education."

Montessorian World International is founded with the aim to act as an unification hub and be the World Fraternity for all Montessorians and friends. "Becoming Montessorian" is a structured Montessorian and Professional Development Model, specailly dedicated to those in pursuit of global peace education and the nobility significance as an educator.

Interested individuals are welcome to participate in its 5 - stage Montessorian and Professional Model Program for personal enrichment or professional development. Qualified montessorians from other kindred organisation can find their level of entry to begin their affiliation with Montessorian World.

All Education Service Providers and Montessori - based education establishments including professional associations are also welcome to be part of the delivery process as our Education or Community Hosts in their country of origin. Contact us for further details for Joint International Montessorian Certification.

International Montessorian Certification. Montessorian World International provides the extension and the advancement for the tradition of Montessori Studies. Participants who have completed a local government approved equivalent Montessori course or related program in their countries can also apply to join our Montessorian World Fraternity of Educators by making an Application for Competency Assessment at an individual level. All Qualified Montessorians have the opportunity of continual advancement at their own space leading to a higher Montessorian
Award under its Montessorian World Education and Fellowship Program.

Proposition and Participation. International Montessorian Certification
All graduates or students enrolled in a local government approved Montessori-based program are eligible to apply for a Transantional Education Assessment of their studies for an equivalent Montessorian Certification Award and continue with the Montessorian World Education and Fellowship Program

All Education Service Providers and Learning Institutions including respectable international Montessori based associations and schools are welcome to be party to the Montessorian World Education and Fellowship programme. MWI also provides International Montessorian Certification for courses approved and accredited by member country's governmental authority. This Transnational Education Assessment allows both graduates and students from an allied education system to advance themselves with a new learning paradigm and have fellowship in the global environment.ducators and Trainers. .

Qualified Educators and local government approved learning centers who wish to be appointed as an Education or Community Host in one of the 21 designated Asian country locations are encouraged to submit their interests and proposal.

Country Host members advance Montessorian World Education and Fellowship. Country Hosts provide localised practice based workshops and organise seminars and conferences or other social events for its enrolled participants and members. For expression of interest, membership and pathway entry details, contact us.

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International Partnership Program available in Asia and Worldwide.

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