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Certification Program :
Becoming a Certified Montessorian Professional

The unique Certification Initiative from Montessorian World International

CMP Programme is structured as an extension to the tradition of Montessori Education and
is for Montessorian and Professional Development.

Main features
:: A competency based development programme :: Self contracted Action Plan.
:: Designed to make a different ::
Regenerative and Practice based.
:: A certification credential that sets you apart as a Montessorian Professional.

Be a CMP Certified Montessorian Professional.
CMP : Certified Montessorian Professional is a Membership and Professional Affiliation Credential from Montessorian World International.
The credential is awarded on successful completion of CMP programme and its use is subject to terms of Membership Policy
including a commitment to continual professional development and being a proactive member.


CMP, Certified Montessorian Professional is a Montessorian Professional Award from Montessorian World International and acts as a Membership credential. This credential is open for all individuals to achieve.

To be a Certified Montessorian Professional with Montessorian World, participants must attain a Montessorian Competency Level III of the Montessorian World Education program.

Holders of Montessorian World Education @ Competency Level 2, participants as Qualified Member Montessorian can proceed to Competency 3 of the studies and a nine-month internship period with Montessorian World. On successful completion, members will be qualified to use the title of
CMP, Certified Montessorian Professional after their names and its use is subject to Montessorian World's Membership Policy. To maintain the need to be relevant, competent and professional, CMP title holders must uphold the nobility significance as an Educator and is committed to continual learning. This may be in a form of attending approved refresher or upgrading courses or paper submission of any R & D work that approved as consistent with Montessorian World's mission & core values.

Mature Entry Route into CMP Award is also available for experienced teachers and trainers.

All holders of CMP credential are accorded with job and business creation opportunities or service collaborations within the international establishment of Montessorian World. Members can garner the power of synergy and find the strength of cooperation within or simply explore new frontier to change for the better.
The CMP Programme

The Programme : It is a structured as an extension to the tradition of Montessori Education and is a continual Montessorian and Professional Development Program.

For Who : For Montessorian teachers and trainers, principals and owners of schools and training institutions who share Montessorian World's statement of mission and vision, and for those who aspire to be different. Holders of other approved equivalent montessori qualification are welcome to upgrade themselves with our learning pathway @ Montessorian World Education.

Category I
Standard Entry Route to CMP Award : Holders of Diploma in Montessori Education (Competency Level 2) attained by International Montessorian Certification and completed Montessorian World Education @ Competency Level 3 with a nine month internship period with Montessorian World.

Probationary Entry qualification : Completed Montessorian World Education @ Competency Level 2 or relevant tertiary education qualification recognized in their home country. Those who hold other tertiary qualification or equivalent competency level in Montessori studies from other learning institutions and proven relevant work experience may be considered to CL-3 Studies.

Education Mode : Systematic Mentorship, with directed learning and a self contracted Achiever's Performance Plan. Desired outcome is on successful practical application of knowledge and a research project report. Formal Competence Assessment.

Category II
Mature Entry Route into CMP Award program : For experienced academia, teachers and trainers including school principals.

Review Criteria : Assessment is based on submission of documented historical evidence of achievement in the field of Montessori education and/or completion of related Montessorian research and development project.
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