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Competency Program :
Becoming a Qualified Montessorian

The Model for Montesorian and Professional Development
Mind of a Scientist, Love of a Saint, Heart of a Servant

Parents- Teachers - Trainers - Educators - Entrepreneurs

Becoming Montessorian is a copyrighted and authorized Education & Membership program of Montessorian World International.
The Programme is structured with Learning Pathway and Development Opportunities for members to advance themselves to become a
Certified Montessorian Professional and a CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator


Becoming Montessorian ® is an education and membership programme of Montessorian World International. The Programme comprises a series of specially tailored skill enrichment & Montessorian development courses structured with Competency Levels (CLs) for achievement. Members are also expected to be committed to Continual Professional Development and its Vision & Mission.

The Montessorian and Professional Development program is designed with tertiary level educationalists and successful practitioners in Montessorian based education as well as academia and entrepreneurs. It offers individuals and organisations in contact with children to acquire a practical working knowledge of early childhood and Montessori Teaching Method. The extended Montessorian World Education emphasizes on the total development of a person. Montessorian World Education achieves this via its spirited and systematic learning approach; and of practical application.

Under Montessorian World Education Learning Model. the delivery mode extends progressively from knowledge introduction into lifelong learning; taught self-directed learning and staged professional development, embracing both highly effective practice-based and problem-based learning processes. Our focus is on development of character, personal skills and professional competency.

Montessorian World Education and Fellowship Plan provides educators, entrepreneurs and professionals with a new mind set for a business or professional practice startup. Within the platform, members can effectively garner the power of synergy and find the strength of cooperation. Its Fellowship program includes the exercises of practical business skills, best practices and real life project implementation. The focus is on the cooperative development and delivery of quality services and products under the global brand name of Montessorian World.

All are welcome to be part of this Montessorian and Professional Development Program. The Level of Entry is based on prior experience and other academic achievement attained from other recognized learning institutions where the applicant resides and works. It is a Program for you to become a Qualified Member Montessorian.

Members can be recognized as a
CMP, Certified Montessorian Professional and advance themselves at their own pace under the CMEd Award Programme and become a CMEd, Certified Montessorian Educator®, a respected partner in Montessorian World Education.
Montessorian and Professional Development Chart
- Personal Enrichment to Professional Certification -

  Description of Technical Competency,
Certification and Membership Awards : Growth Opportunities
  Becoming Montessorian is a membership programme, structured for Montessorian and Professional Development and as a pathway for experiential learning and wholesome growth.

The Programme is designed for parents, teachers and trainers, principals and educators as well as administrators and para service providers. It also provides transformational learning opportunities for those who possess other disciplinary education and prior related experiences to join in this development process, including participants with other related Montessori qualifications. Entry level is based on participants' prior learning and experience and their desired outcome of achievement.

Personal Enrichment : Introductory Montessorian Modular Education
- for parents of young children keen to learn about child development and preschool education. Individuals considering early childhood education as a career and wanting to gain basic knowledge of this field before making a decision on a career pathway. An introductory programme for all.
Competency Level (I) : International Montessorian Certificate (IMC) or an approved equivalent course award
- for parents and teaching assistants; teachers pursuing a career working with young children and wishing to upgrade themselves by acquiring a qualification and technical knowledge, and to be able to work under supervision in a Montessorian Environment as junior teachers.
Competency Level (II) : International Montessorian Diploma (IMD) or an approved equivalent course award
- for parents as teachers and junior childcare / school teachers to develop a higher level of technical competency and to be able to work independently and effectively at a more advance curriculum level as senior teachers.
  CMP Certified Montessorian Professional and CMEd : Certified Montessorian Educator are both professional and business certification programmes.
  CMP and CMEd program @ Montessorian Competency Level - III & V provides individuals the professional competency and necessary qualification to be Partner in Montessorian World Education. You are a professionally qualified as a CMP : Certified Montessorian Professional.on completion of Competency Level (III) and internship. Members who have completed Completed Competency Level (Iv) and internship may apply to the CMEd : Certified Montessorian Education Membership grade
Competency Level (III) : Professional Membership Diploma or an approved equivalent course award
- for senior teachers and trainers to develop themselves to an advanced level of technical competency and an added mind-set skill capable to be a supervisor or trainer. On successful completion of CL III and training practicum, you are a qualified as teacher /trainer within Montessorian World and as a Certified Montessorian Professional eligible for advancement under CL IV and V .
Competency Level (IV) : Professional Membership Graduate Diploma or an approved equivalent course award
- for continual professional development and Montessorian Professionals seeking higher competency and professional pathway to be a Certified Montessorian Educator. On successful completion of CL IV programme, you will be awarded the course diploma. On fulfillment of the internship be granted the membership title as a Certified Montessorian Educator.
Competency Level (V) : Professional Practice Award Certification
On successful completion of all study prerequisites or a major approved Research Project or a practical internship based on a real project implementation, you are awarded the Practice Certificate and eligible for a full membership as a Certified Montessorian Educator. You are accorded the privilege to apply as a panel member, mentor or examiner at the Montessorian World Education Faculty and eligible to lead a MWCC/CCLP/CMEd Partner School or to apply to become a Montessorian Community / Education Host in your country / region
Montessorian World Education and Certification
Open Learning Policy. Montessorian World Education.
Membership and International Montessorian Certification
Montessorian World International is founded with the aim to act as an unification hub and be the World Fraternity for all Montessorians and educators. As a Open Learning Network, "Becoming Montessorian" is an inclusive Montessorian and Professional Development Model for all and is specially dedicated to those in pursuit of global peace education and the nobility significance as an educator.

All interested individuals are welcome to participate in its 5 - stage Montessorian and Professional Model Program for personal enrichment or professional development. Montessorian World International provides the extension and the advancement for the tradition of Montessori Studies. MWI terms the Membership programme as "Becoming Montessorian ; Mind of a Scientist, Love of a Saint, Heart of a Servant

All Education Service Providers and Montessori - based education establishments including professional associations are also welcome to be part of the delivery process as our Education or Community Hosts in their own respective country.

International Montessorian Certification is a unique competency based assessment to qualify graduates into the membership roll of Montessorian World International.

Members who have successfully completed a Competency based Module of studies at Becoming Montessorian program can apply for a Direct Membership Competency Examination and on successful assessment shall receive a Montesorian Education Award.

Graduates or students who have completed a local government approved equivalent Montessori course or related program in their countries can also apply to join our Montessorian World Fraternity of Educators by making an Application for a Transnational Education Assessment and receive a parallel Montessorian Education Award on successful assessment.

All Members have the opportunities of continual education and advancement at their own pace and place under the Montessorian and Professional Development Model.
  International Montessorian Certification
Montessorian Education Award. Participation Statement.

Membership is a Learning Partnership and a commitment for continual education and cooperative development. Members pledge to be relevant, competent and professional always. All members design their self contracted action plan to advance themselves under the Montessorian and Professional Development program plan at their own pace and place.

Members are expected to explore the development opportunities on their own and be aligned to the Montessorian World Education Paradigm for the growth process. Formal assessment is conducted based on competency level.

Members on completion of a Competency Module can apply for a Membership Competency Assessment. On successful examination, members will be awarded an appropriate Montessorian Education Award.

Other graduates or students who have completed or are enrolled in a local government approved Montessori related course of study may also apply for a Transnational Education Assessment for a parallel Montessorian Education Award.

Trainers and Education Service Providers including governmental approved Montessori-based learning centres and Montessori based associations are welcome to partake with us in the delivery of this extended Montessorian Development Model for Life Education. Interested parties can apply to be Community or Education Hosts to advance Montessorian World Education and Fellowship in their country.
  For more details on Becoming Montessorian , the Members Education Pathway program
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