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Montessorian World Education is for all parents, teachers, trainers, educators and anyone interested in the relevance of Montessori Teaching Method for child development & its extended philosophy for life education - the new Paradigm of Learning

The Montessorian Educator

We extend the tradition of Montessori Teaching Method & Education beyond - into the total development of a person. The School of Montessorian World Education emphasises on spirited change of the adult - parents, teachers, trainers or educators - as a prerequisite for the effective delivery of Montessori Teaching Method and Montessorian World Education.

"The real preparation for education is the study of one's self...The training of the teacher...is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit..." Dr Maria Montessori. 1870 -1952

"To be a Montessorian Educator is to be relevant, competent and professional always...possessing a continual quest for the mind of a scientist, love of a saint and heart of a servant... "
Dr AT Ong.Founder, Montessorian World International

At Montessorian World, we provide you a new way to progress.

" To be a respected Montessorian in Education is
to be revelant, competent and professional.
Our attributes of being Montessorian

Mind of a Scientist Love of a Saint Heart of a Servant"
- Dr A T Ong,Founder, Montessorian World International
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Montessorian and Professional Development Program.

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Competency based development program for all.
Becoming Montessorian : Mind of a Scientist, Love of a Saint, Heart of a Servant is an authorised Education & Membership program of Montessorian World International


ForPrincipals GraduatesTrainersTeachers
CMP : Certified Montessorian Professional is a Membership and Professional Credential from Montessorian World International. The credential is granted by application to all graduate members of MWI or graduates from other local instutitions with prior joint assessment arrangement.


ForEducators PrincipalsSchool OwnersMontessorian Hosts
CMEd : Certified Montessorian Educator is a Membership and Professional Credential from Montessorian World International. Qualified and senior members of the montessorian community in the field of education may apply for entry as mature candidates. Route to CMEd Credential Award


The Education Pathway Programme from Montessorian World International

Becoming Montessorian™
The Model for Montesorian and Professional Development

Mind of a Scientist, Love of a Saint, Heart of a Servant ©
Unique transformational experience
Parents- Teachers - Trainers - Educators - Entrepreneurs

Becoming Montessorian is an authorized Education & Membership program of Montessorian World International.
The Programme is structured with Learning Pathway and Development Opportunities for members to advance themselves to become a
Certified Montessorian Professional and a CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator


Open Learning Policy. Montessorian World Education.
Membership and International Montessorian Certification
Montessorian World International is founded with the aim to act as an unification hub and be the World Fraternity for all Montessorians and educators. As a Open Learning Network, "Becoming Montessorian" is an inclusive Montessorian and Professional Development Model for all and is specially dedicated to those in pursuit of global peace education and the nobility significance as an educator.

All interested individuals are welcome to participate in its 5 - stage Montessorian and Professional Model Program for personal enrichment or professional development. Montessorian World International provides the extension and the advancement for the tradition of Montessori Studies. MWI terms the Membership programme as "Becoming Montessorian ; Mind of a Scientist, Love of a Saint, Heart of a Servant

All Education Service Providers and Montessori - based education establishments including professional associations are also welcome to be part of the delivery process as our Education or Community Hosts in their own respective country.

International Montessorian Certification is a unique competency based assessment to qualify graduates into the membership roll of Montessorian World International.

Members who have successfully completed a Competency based Module of studies at Becoming Montessorian program can apply for a Direct Membership Competency Examination and on successful assessment shall receive a Montesorian Education Award.

Graduates or students who have completed a local government approved equivalent Montessori course or related program in their countries can also apply to join our Montessorian World Fraternity of Educators by making an Application for a Transnational Education Assessment and receive a parallel Montessorian Education Award on successful assessment.

All Members have the opportunities of continual education and advancement at their own pace and place under the Montessorian and Professional Development Model.
  International Montessorian Certification
Montessorian Education Award. Participation Statement.

Membership is a Learning Partnership and a commitment for continual education and cooperative development. Members pledge to be relevant, competent and professional always. All members design their self contracted action plan to advance themselves under the Montessorian and Professional Development program plan at their own pace and place.

Members are expected to explore the development opportunities on their own and be aligned to the Montessorian World Education Paradigm for the growth process. Formal assessment is conducted based on competency level.

Members on completion of a Competency Module can apply for a Membership Competency Assessment. On successful examination, members will be awarded an appropriate Montessorian Education Award.

Other graduates or students who have completed or are enrolled in a local government approved Montessori related course of study may also apply for a Transnational Education Assessment for a parallel Montessorian Education Award.

Trainers and Education Service Providers including governmental approved Montessori-based learning centres and Montessori based associations are welcome to partake with us in the delivery of this extended Montessorian Development Model for Life Education. Interested parties can apply to be Community or Education Hosts to advance Montessorian World Education and Fellowship in their country.

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