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Membership Plan is structured with different interest option and a set of learning initiative. As a Members' Network, pre requisites are set for entry into each category of the membership. This is to ensure that participation and exchanges among members are purposeful and credible. Our membership policy is to provide choices, value return in each category and with opportunities for members to upgrade themselves at their own pace.
Montessorian World : Call to Membership
The Members' Network : : A unique Montessorian ePortal for all.
Montessorian World : The dedicated knowledge portal and a platform to promote Montessorian World Education and Fellowship.

Members Portal : Prepared Opportunities. The ultimate learning network for Montessorians and friends.
Becoming Montessorian
: The Model for Montessorian and Professional Development. Personal Enrichment to Professional and Business Certification.

Members Privileges. : Practical Life Development. Learn and Earn with Membership Plan. Job and business creation.


An education based professional and business development hub. Participation is by membership at Members' Network.
Becoming Montessorian
is a membership programme.

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