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Becoming Montessorian - The Journey
Qualified Montessorian : Certified Montessorian Pprofessional and Educator.
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Becoming Montessorian Today

Education : from Personal Enrichment to Professional Certification.

Business : Affiliation to Registry Plan

Montessorian World International (MWI) holds the world's largest infrastructure of networked country-specific Montessori and Montessorian portals under one Global Learning Environment. Today, it interconnects communities in over 60 countries worldwide and 34 provinces / cities in China for learning and cooperative outreach for good.

Montessorian World is founded to propagate total education for the global community. We are committed to continue research and development of wholesome children education and beyond - unto adulthood.

Our Montessorian World Education creates the difference by advancing the relevance of Montessori Teaching Method for children education and the significance of total development of a person.

Together with Montessori Asia Council, we serve as an unification hub for the Montessorian communities and friends worldwide by offering one Global Members' Network for goodwill exchanges and cooperation. We provide jobs and business creation opportunities and ongoing self help and fellowship programmes from personal enrichment to professional and business certification.

Montessorian World is a dedicated specialty knowledge portal and a platform that promotes Montessorian World Education and Fellowship. The ultimate open learning network for Montessorian and friends.

The Montessorian Plan.

Be competent. Be recognized. Montessorian World International is for a global education and fellowship. Participation is by membership. Each Membership Plan is structured with development opportunities.

As a Member you can participate in our Open Montessorian Portal, an education based business and professional development portal anywhere and anytime.

Your competency level certified either by Direct Membership Examination or Transnational Education Assessment will determine your entry route and choice of development that best suit you. Find a Membership Plan that best suits you to begin the journey with Montessorian World International.

Please go to Montessorian Portal Plan to learn more

Becoming Montessorian™ is an education and membership programme of Montessorian World International. The Programme comprises a series of specially tailored Montessorian skill based enrichment & development modules structured with staged competency level for achievement. Members are also expected to be committed to Continual Professional Development and its Vision & Mission for growth.

Becoming Montessorian. Mind of a Scientist. Love of a Saint. Heart of a Saint is copyrighted. The Montessorian and Professional Development Programme for all.

The chart shows the route to become a Certified Montessorian Professional and the opportunity for you to advance yourself as a Certified Montessorian Educator at your own space and pace.

Under Montessorian World Education Learning Model. the delivery mode extends progressively from knowledge introduction into lifelong learning; taught self-directed learning and staged professional development, embracing both highly effective practice-based and problem-based learning processes. Our focus is on development of character, personal skills and professional competency.

Montessorian World Education and Fellowship incorporates a purpose driven paradigm that advance a total approach in education, business and professional development under one global learning environment. The integrated and transnational framework provides Education Pathway opportunities from personal enrichment or academic development to professional and business certification. It is a global learning platform for exchanges and collaboration among members

Please go to Education Pathway to learn more.

Dynamic Membership and Networked Opportunities

MWI provides a set of Affiliation Plan for members to be associated with us for their development and growth process. We help you to develop your potential and grow your interest within Montessorian World. Becoming a member is a privilege.

Membership Plan provides the recognition of participants' competency level for service wherever they are located.

Be connected to the world's largest network is an essential marketing tool to our members to expand their Montessorian experience. By joining this worldwide recognized brand, your listing at our Montessorian Registry will enhance your reputation and give creditability for your outreach in the local community.

Registry Plan provides you an added opportunity to grow your Montessorian experience to another level of transformation. While others are competing through the online technology, our Registry Support Pack will help to transform your business or give you a quick solution to start your business online with a ready Members Ecommerce Gallery.

To participate in Montessorian World Education and Fellowship programmes, become a Member today.

Learning Fellowship. Be Qualified. Be Certified.

From personal enrichment to professional certification, MWI provides an unique Members' Learning Partnership and the structured Montessorian and Professional Development Programme would be able to make your aspiration come true.

MWI provides a 5-stage competency based Education Pathway and a Professional and Business Certification Award Programme for you to achieve at your own pace and place.

You can enrol directly to the development programme for Membership Competency Assessment or apply for Transnational Education Assessment if you are enrolled in a parallel education program in an approved learning centre in your country. You can earn an International Montessorian Certification with a certified local academic award.

The MWI membership and professional certification will determine your competency level of achievement and pave your growth opportunities. All Certified Montessorian Professionals or Certified Montessorian Educators are our distinguished partner in education.

Please go to Montessorian Certification Award to learn more.

Enterprisng Partnership. Affiliation to Registry Plan.

As a Certified Montessorian Professional or Certified Montessorian Educator you can create a job or profession with an Affiliation Plan and to share our vision and mission in your community or internationally and advance to be Registry Member at your own pace.

Registry Members promote and or conduct Montessorian Education and Fellowship. You can also choose to advance yourselves and be our global partners in over fifty countries worldwide and 34 provinces / cities across China. We provide you a network of ready marketplaces and an internationally recognized brand and a choice of service channels to jump start your business or grow your existing operation. Are you qualified?

Know more about our Affiliation and Registry Plan and Award. Be our Chapter Hosts, Education Host or Community Hosts in the country you reside.

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