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Education Plus Business
Learning Fellowship to Enterprising Partnership
  Opportunities :
Create a Job, a Profession or a Business
  Job and Business Creation Worldwide . For Members by Members.

JobCreation and BizCreation @ BPII are dedicated societal service channels. As a Members' Network BPII - MWI provides a ready platform for members to be partners as mentors and mentees or for any purposeful development for the good.

JobCreation and BizCreation Mentorship Program.
Build your own career pathway.
Learn, earn and create your working lifestyle at your own pace.

Realize your own aspiration.
Jump start your entrepreneurial set-up and develop your potential into a noble mission.

Members have the option of participation as a Mentor or Mentee at any country specific Specialty Network Group or Knowledge Portal. Find choice of Program and subscription details to get you started.

Create a Job

Job Creation Mentorship Program 1 : Create a Job

>> Becoming a Qualified Montessorian

>> Be Qualiified. >> Subscribe an Affiliation Plan

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Create a Profession

Job Creation Mentorship Program 2 : Create a Profession

>> Becoming a Certified Montessorian Professional

>> Be Certified. >> Subscribe an Affiliation Plan

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Create a Business

Business Mentorship Program 1 : Create a Business.

>> Becoming a Registry Member

>> Be Global. >> Subscribe a Registry Plan

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