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The world's largest infrastructure of networked country-specific Montessori and Montessorian portals under one Global Learning Environment. Today, it interconnects communities in over 60 countries worldwide
and 34 provinces / cities in China for learning and cooperative outreach for good.

Job and Business Creation. Intellectual and Social Innovation. Solutions and Gateways.
in conjunction with BPII Organisation.

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Learning Network Outreach
Montessorian World International Conference, China and Singapore 2007
Honorary CMEd Award for Phyllis Wallbank MBE
Montessori.100 years On.Montessorian Inaugural. 2008
Official Launch of Montessori Asia Council and Montessorian World Children's Club
Montessorian World International Conference, India and Malaysia 2009
Honorary CMEd Award for Meenakshi Sirvaramkrisknan
Montessorian World International Conference, USA and Malaysia 2010
Honorary CMEd Award for Lakshmi Kripalani held in New Jersey, USA on the 4 Dec 2010.
Malaysia Conference held at University of Malaya, on the 11 Dec 2010.

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CMEd Award

Totality in Learning
Education for Good
Our mission is to propagate wholesome education and fellowship for the global community. Montessorian World is a Specialty Knowledge Portal of BPII Organisation. We advance Montessorian World Education and Fellowship. Montessorian Education goes beyond the tradition of children development and unto the significance of total development of a person.

Shared World Opportunities : Global Education and Fellowship.

Montessorian World is for all Montessorians and friends. We welcome your participation in this unification platform for the betterment of education and fellowship worldwide. " Becoming Montessorian : Mind of a Scientist : Love of a Saint : Heart of a Servant " is a wholistic Model for Montessorian and Professional Development. The development process enshrines the "Totality in Learning" paradigm and is a value added extension to the traditional Montessori Education. Members who have completed each Competency Module of the programme can apply for a Membership Competency Assessment. A Montessorian Certification Award qualifies you to be part of the Montessorian Fraternity.

Value Added Proposition : Partners in Education.

All Education Service Providers and Learning Institutions including respectable international Montessori based associations and schools are welcome to be party to the Montessorian World Education and Fellowship programme. MWI also provides International Montessorian Certification for courses approved and accredited by member country's governmental authority. This Transnational Education Assessment allows both graduates and students from an allied education system to advance themselves with a new learning paradigm and have fellowship in the global environment.

If you share our vision and wish to host our programme and event in your country/state, please submit your interest or proposal.

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