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Our Mission & Values
Looking Beyond. Building One World
Montessorian World International is dedicated to all Montessorians and friends for the advancement of Montessorian World Education & Fellowship.

Mission in Education : Sharing Virtue and Knowledge for a better world. Our activity focus is on learning and character development. We promote quality Montessorian World Education for the betterment of child development and beyond - into adulthood.

Mission for Oneness : Connecting the Global communities & friends, reaching the world with peace. We create a cooperative network and an infocomm gallery for all. We provide the space for Montessorians and friends for learning, goodwill exchanges and opportunities for resource collaboration.

Mission on Humanity : Learning Values and Building Lives. We advocate wholesome development of persons and in all things that we do. We design a developmental program for Montessorians and friends based on universal values & virtues. "FaithBeyond" is a worldwide outreach program for the good of all.

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Learning. Regenerating for Good 
Montessorian World Education propagates the tradition of Montessori Teaching Method for Child Education and goes beyond unto the significance of total development of a person. Becoming Montessorian: Mind of a Scientist, Love of a Saint, Heart of a Servant © is an integral component of Becoming Montessorian - the membership programme of Montessorian World:
Becoming Montessorian™
Mind of a Scientist, Love of a Saint, Heart of a Servant

Copyrighted and authorised membership and education program of Montessorian World International.
It is a unique world of learning & of lifestyle education.
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Job and Business Creation Worldwide.  

Learning Partnership : Provider of Job Creation Mentorship program
Build your own career pathway.
Learn, earn and create your working lifestyle at your own pace.



Learning Partnership[ : Provider of Business Creation Mentorship program
Realize your own aspiration.
Jump start your entrepreneurial set-up and develop your potential into a noble mission.



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