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We created the marketplaces and the network of peoples. Membership Plan is available for all Montessorians and Montessori based learning institutions and associations with a shared visionary outreach for the good of all. We act as an unification platform for Montessorian and friends.

We promote Montessorian World Education and Fellowship across the globe. You are welcome to be our Education or Community hosts in your country to advance the inclusive Montessorian and Professional Development Model for life education. All MWI Authorised Hosts will be listed on the country-specific Portal domain.

All prints and online web pages are licensed for use by our Registry Members of Montessorian World International. Please report to us on any unauthorized usage of these published materials (including contents found in our websites) in any form. Your cooperation is appreciated to maintain the integrity of the operation and its quality and purposeful delivery of the system.

Montessorian World International holds the world's largest infrastructure of networked country-specific Montessori and Montessorian domains under one Global Learning Environment. Today, it interconnects communities in over 60 countries worldwide and 34 provinces / cities in China for learning and cooperative outreach for good.

Montessori Education Links
Montessorian World Communities

Montessori Education Links
Montessorian World Communities
Montessorian Portals in China
www.montessori.ac.cn : www.montessorian.com.cn

Montessori Education Links
Montessorian World Communities
Montessorian Portals in Asia
www.montessori.asia : www.montessorian.asia

Montessori in Asia
Find Montessorian World Education Hosts @ Country Specific Location

Montessori Singapore @
montessori. sg

Montessori Philippines @
montessori. org. ph

Montessori China @
montessori. org. cn

Montessori India @
montessori. co. in
Montessori Malaysia @
montessori. my
Montessori Indonesia @
montessori. id
Montessori Hong Kong @
montessori. hk. cn
Montessori Pakistan @
montessori. com. pk
Montessori Vietnam @
montessori. vn
Montessori Korea @
montessori. or.kr
Montessori Taiwan @
montessori. tw
Montessori Bangladesh @
montessori. com .bd
Montessori Laos @
montessori. la
Montessori Japan @
montessori. ne .jp
Montessori Mongolia @
montessori. mn
Montessori Sri Lanka @
montessori. lk
Montessori Timor-Leste @
montessori. tl
Montessori Israel @
montessori. co.il
Montessori Cambodia @
montessori. com .kh
.... and worldwide network @ Montessorian World
Montessori Asia Outreach
International Partnership Program available in Asia and Worldwide.

  Community and Education Hosts wanted : by Country / City / Province.
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