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All trade names and trade marks are properties of Montessorian World International and its use is subject to terms and conditions stipulated by Montessorian World International and its Membership Policy Statement.

All Authorised Users shall be listed in the Members Business Registry at montessorian.com.

Please report to us on any unauthorized usage of the registered trademarks and names in any form. Your cooperation is appreciated to maintain the integrity of the operation and its quality and purposeful delivery of the system.
"Becoming Montessorian ; CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator ™, and Montessorian World 's logos are registered trademarks of Montessorian World International. Creation Child Learning Paradise and Montessorian World Children's Club 's logos are registered trade marks of the companies by the same names.

Montessorian World International and BPII Organization with its research & development arm both focus on the need for intellectual and social innovation to make the different. We aim to bring about a New Global Education and an online platform that is easily recognized and be available for all. We provide the trademarks, brands and service channels for the outreach.


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