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Mission & Vision
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Our Vision & Policy
Sharing Virtue & Knowledge for a better World

Montessorian World
is an infocomm technology driven platform for all Montessorians and friends. It is a portal to promote Montessorian World Education and Fellowship.

We support wholesome education pursuit, sociogenetic endeavor, interdisciplinary research and development that is aligned to our Founder's learning initiative and motto: Totality in Learning. Education for Good. We act as an unification platform for all Montessorians and kindred establishments for the betterment of education and fellowship everywhere.

Our Vision is to be a well distinguished center for intellectual and social innovation, teaching and learning excellence in One Global Learning Environment which is essentially universal in character. We believe in a shared existence for the good. We seek to enhance the principles of Montessori Teaching Method for child education and beyond onto the total development of a person.

Our Policy is to provide learning partnership and membership to individuals as well as government approved learning institutions by country specific location. We cooperate with respectable international as well as local Montessori education based associations and schools to advance our structured Montessorian and Professional Development Model for regenerative learning worldwide.
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Montessorian World International is founded from a regeneration process and an evolution of need for a new education. We provide the Members' Network that advocates the need of shared existence and collectiveness.

Montessorian World International aims to be :

A multi - faceted cooperative resource platform for all Montessorians and friends.
An activity hub for promoting goodwill, exchanges and fellowship.
A dynamic members' network capable of self-renewal and growth through continual learning and sharing,

that is earnestly in pursuit of virtue and knowledge for the betterment of children education and beyond unto adulthood.
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Montessorian World International believes in cooperation. We do not seek to engage in any form of unhealthy competition. Our policy is to operate with all Montessorians and friends who share our vision in the quality provision of services for betterment of human development and the pursuit of world peace.

Montessorian World International's mission is structured with three main service portfolios

Children Development and Education.
Teachers Training and Development
Montessorian Registry System

that these activity missions may be provided purposefully in every country and be the resources in outreach for good.

Our Policy Pursuits
For Better and for the Good.

Montessorian World International believes in a collective membership. We provide an open learning network for continuous education, character and professional development. Together we diligently pursue to be distinguished as :

The Gatekeeper of Montessorian Quality Education.
The Promoter of Montessorian Service Excellence.
The Developer of Montessorian Knowledge Portal for one Global Cooperative Outreach

that focus on upholding the tradition of Montessori Teaching Method and the continual development of Montessorian World Education for the good.

Membership, Mission and Value Pursuits.
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